At Nia House We Grow & Eat Our Vegetables

Araya is getting the garden ready!

Nia House is known for getting children to eat their greens and vegetables. How? Many parents confess that their children won't touch anything green at home, while at Nia House greens are devoured. One way we do this- the children grow the food! They tend the earth, plant the seed, water it, see it sprout, harvest, wash, cut, cook, and consume!  

Here is one of our first carrot sprouts!

Enjoy these blogs and articles on ways to incorporate more vegetables into your child's diet. Also, please share- how do you prepare delicious and desirable veggies?

These articles offer a little insight:

NY Times Blog: Ask Grover: How to Get Children to Eat Vegetables

Washington Post: Researchers have discovered a surprisingly simple way to get kids to eat more veggies

Here are a couple of sites with beautiful recipes:

Super Healthy Kids: delicious and fun recipe ideas.

Fresh for Kids: Breakfast, Lunch to go, Dinner, soups, smoothies & more!

What do your children love?

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