The Construction Fence is Down!

The fence separating the construction zone and our yard has come down! At last, we can sense how the new campus integrates into the old. It looks and feels wonderful!

There is still a ton of work happening on the construction site. For now, it remains closed to parents and children. We are painting, finishing light installation, cleaning up, and moving in!

Yes, we are really beginning to transition our office into the new building.  This past weekend, an amazing group of NH parents spent their Saturday installing office shelving and furniture.  Cara and Erik Lemire picked up an entire office of new, used furniture for us from New Resource Bank's old office space.  New Resource Bank was kind enough to donate their beautiful furniture, and Cara and Erik hauled super heavy, beautiful furniture over the bridge to school.  All of our thanks to everyone who helped with the amazingly productive work day this weekend.

The building is looking super pretty and we can't wait to open it up for tours, but we do want to ask for your patience.  As the construction crew finishes their work, we want to be certain to give them as much space as possible.

We're almost done!!!



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