Cycles & Circles: Nia House’s Family History Project

Cycles and Circles: Nia House’s 2015 Family History Project

 This year’s Family History Project was markedly special. Honoring the themes of Cycles and Circles, grandparents were invited and a beautiful spring afternoon at Nia House ensued with a truly intergenerational celebration.

On behalf of the children and staff, thank you to all the grandparents that came. Your presence honored the children’s exploration and reverence of the life cycle. We are grateful for the opportunity to nurture the special relationship of grandchild and grandparent.

The Nia House children inspired many of the art installations at the event. Prompted to think of cycles and circles, notions of the cycle of happiness and kindness, bicycles, the solar system, water cycle, and of course the personalized Generation Birth Books were all created and displayed.

Everyone marveled at the great progress in construction on our new campus. A living wish list of needed Montessori materials for the expansion was displayed in our classroom. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our grandparent and current family community.

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