Work Week

What, you might wonder, were the Nia Staff up to when the school was closed for a week? Well, there was a bit of slip & sliding. It is true, the Nia House teachers and staff took an afternoon to enjoy a catered lunch (big thanks to the Ikeda-Huang Family), to play, soak in the sunshine, bond, and hopefully, feel appreciated.

When we weren’t being leisurely for an afternoon, we were doing some pretty interesting things that we’d like to share with you.

Breathe California of the Bay Area came to deliver a presentation on how to identify asthma triggers, reduce symptoms, how to implement an asthma action plan, and to administer first aid. This organization offers great community resource and services including low cost health clinic referral and asthma action plan materials. Check them out by clicking here. 

Every two years, the Nia House staff gets CPR and First Aid certified. This time around, Safety Training Seminars came to Nia House and spent the day covering important emergency response and practical care skills. Though we do this recertification every two years, it is always helpful to practice and revisit these important lessons so that we are ready to act with confidence in providing care.

During this time of respite from providing care to children, the teaching staff takes time to reflect and refine teaching skills to better meet the needs of every child. This year, Eve shared a webinar- Preparing the Environment for Children with Sensory-Processing Needs. The introduction of this webinar opened our minds to the uniqueness of each child’s needs, development, and considerations for when sensory-processing is different.  

Work week is an important, productive, and fun-filled time here at Nia House. We hope you return sensing the rejuvenation and preparedness of our amazing teaching team!




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