Parent Hours

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Thank you parent community for your amazing contributions to Nia House so far. You all clean out fish tanks and chicken coops, serve on committees, planned an amazing auction party, cut paper, deep clean our appliances, edit our writing, stuff envelopes and so much more!

If you haven’t chipped in yet, I have good news for you- We have ongoing needs!

Parent Hours are due on May 16th.

This may seem ages away, but it comes quickly! Let’s get you involved now.

As a reminder, two parent households contribute 20 hours and a single parent household 12 hours.

Come by the office or email if you see a job for you.

Now, on to all the exciting tasks we really need your help with!

Building things:

  • Geo-dome climbing structure

    • A new climbing structure for the toddler yard

    • 2-3 adults

    • 2+ hours

  • Wooden 4 Foot Tall Doll House

    • We’ve acquired a vintage German doll house. There are no instructions for assembly!

    • 1-2 Creative adults

    • ??? hours

Run an errand:

We have old hardware that needs to be returned to Pastime Ace Hardware in El Cerrito.

Fixing things (can take home):

  • Old wooden barn (alike a doll house)

    • Clean & finish to protect from the rain.

  • Bell Repair

    • Similar to those pictured on the left. They need reassembly. Talk to Eve for more details.

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