Nia House Loves Me, Get Your Nia House Tshirts!


Did you know Nia House has t-shirts?! We do!

“Nia House Loves Me” children’s shirts come in green and purple, toddler through big kid sizes! Modeled above on Soul & Ololade (left).

Adults, don’t feel left out. We’ve got you covered. Check out the Nia House logo t-shirt modeled by Frances and Mateo (right). The light grey is a very narrow (female?) style tshirt (Kerstin from the office wears a large, though in most clothing, she goes for a small). The charcoal is a wider more traditional tshirt (Stacey from the office rocks a medium of this cut). They are very soft and stylish.

Short sleeve season is around the corner.

Get your tshirt in the office for $20. Email to give a heads up that you are coming by and what you are looking for so we can be ready.


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