Bike Safety with Children

For many Nia House families, bike to school day is everyday! We are so proud to be a school community that celebrates and supports this healthy and fun form of transportation.

Getting your child to ride places takes some preparation, planning, and practice. Our school community has an amazing resource- The Family Bike Collective & Spokes Bike Lounge, run by Katherine’s parents, Pearly and Brian. “The Family Bike Collective is dedicated at getting children on bikes that match their sizes, personalities and lifestyles.” The Family Bike Collective offers training wheel liberation classes- a riding opportunity where children are paired with bikes that fit their size and fun filled instruction!

We encourage those of you that can to bike to Nia House on Thursday, May 9th. We will have totes, stickers, bread, & coffee!

Take the pledge to ride on May 9th and find out about all the fun happenings for this Bike to School Day.

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