Bay Area Green Business

Nia House is a Green Certified Business



We are proud to share that Nia House is now a Bay Area Green Certified Business!

What does is mean to be green certified? Ultimately, it means we are creating an environment that is healthy for children, adults, animals, and the earth. 

These are some of the ways we go green:



  • We purchase paper products with 30-35% post-consumer waste.

  • Though not a part of the certification- Thanks to you, we also use reusable containers in children's lunches!

Recycle & Compost

  • We recycle all paper, glass, metal, cardboard and plastics.

  • We provide recycling and composting containers. 

  •  We comply with state and local requirements by composting all organics, including food discards, compostable paper such as paper towels, and plant debris from landscapes.

Reduce & Reuse

  • We don't use styrofoam or plastic bottles. Children and staff have access to reusable cups, plates, and silverware. 
  • Our copy machine prints on two sides and we use recycled paper. 


  • All our lighting is green approved. (Ex. Replaced incandescent bulbs with efficient compact fluorescents.)
  • We use Use ENERGY STAR® appliances an office equipment and enable energy saving features.


  • Our irrigation is season sensitive and we use drip irrigation, mulch, and have drought tolerant plants.
  • Everything plumbing from water flow at the sinks to water volume in toilet flushing has conservation standards. 


  • We joined the Air Districts Spare the Air program and notify employees and families of Spare the Air days.

  • We encourage biking with ample bike parking and we are an energizer station for Bike to School Day!

Environmental Purchasing

  • We purchase green cleaning supplies and organic, fair trade foods.