Montessori inspired gifts

FOR SMALL HANDS: Toys for Learning. Toys for Life.


Nia House families can place an order with for small hands and Nia House will gain credit for classroom materials!

Many of the materials we use at Nia House are from for small hands- child-size items, developmentally appropriate toys, and fun games. This is a great place to find birthday and holiday gifts or useful tools for the home. 

There are two ways to participate:

  1. Place an individual order using Nia House's school customer number: 116006
  2. Place a group order (better for Nia House!) by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th. If we collectively place an order of $500 we get free shipping! 

Catalogues will be available soon. Visit to check out the beautiful materials. 

Last Call for Holiday Shopping Orders!

Today is the last day to get your orders in. Feel free to email your order to Stacey at or stop by the office. 

Make your check payable to Nia House. 

Thank you for supporting Nia House with your holiday shopping!

Inspired by Maria Montessori, for Small Hands, creates tools and toys designed for children- their size and to meet their needs. They have many beautiful and affordable gifts, ranging from cooking tools, art supplies, games, books, toys and more.  Browse the catalogue to see if there are gifts for your little loved ones. Place your order with Nia House and the school can earn between 10-15% of your order. Here's how:

1. Order with Nia House before November 19th. Your merchandise will be shipped to Nia House. A Group Order over $500 will yield 15% for Nia House! Stop by the office for an order form, or print one from the for Small Hands website.

2. Order online and use the Nia House School Customer #116006 . Every individual order placed before December 31st earns Nia House 10%. 

Please email Stacey with any questions:

Thank you for supporting Nia House!