Slow Foods Movement

Thank you, Wholehearted Chef!

Saturday's celebration of Nia House was beautiful. We will slowly savor the celebration over the next week with pictures and expressions of gratitude to the many people that helped make it all come together.

On the topic of savoring- let's start with the dessert! Meet Christina Sachs, The Wholehearted Chef, and the baker of the delicious cake served on Saturday. When I contacted Christina initially, her quote was outside of our budget. Christina lowered her cost by more than half to support Nia House. The cake you enjoyed was organic, GMO free, and so good! Christina has been so gracious throughout the process. Please read more about her and consider her for your catering and baking needs. Christina has generously offered to continue supporting Nia House. Let's support her in return!


Meet Chef Christina Sachs owner and operator of The WholeHearted Chef, and your baker for the Grand Opening ceremony.  She was raised in a health and food conscious family and started learning to cook with her mom as early as five years old.  She has lived and cooked professionally in the Bay for nearly ten years and is joyfully committed to the farm to table and slow foods movement.  The mission of the WholeHearted Chef is to create beautiful, delicious and nutritious food that celebrates local abundance, supports the local community and can bring family, friends and communities together.  The WholeHearted Chef offers a variety of culinary services including private chef, event catering and specialty baking. Chef Christina Sachs has extensive, though not limited to, experience with vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten and refined sugar-free cooking and can easily work with any dietary requests. 

Thank you for including The WholeHearted Chef in your celebration and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Find Chef Christina Sachs on Facebook at The Wholehearted Chef.  By email at or call (805) 407-7010.