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Represent Nia House Love


My car bumper is now adorned with a hot new "I Heart NH" sticker! To get this, I am giving $5 monthly to Nia House. As much as I would love to give more, making large donations is never an option for me. Yet, $5 directly withdrawn from my bank account or added to tuition, that is doable. 

As fresh as the sticker is, I do not make this small donation for the sticker. I make a little donation, each month, because I know it can make a difference. Nia House makes quality early childhood education accessible to families of every economic background. I want to give to this. 

My donation will only make a difference if we do this together. Many folks giving just a little bit more can have a big impact. Join in! Get your friends and family to get on board with grassroots giving.  

Ways to give: You can donate monthly online by clicking the button below. You can add $5+ to your tuition. We will also be signing up for "I Heart Nia House" at Farm Burger on Tuesday, February 13th

An Opportunity to Invest in Nia House.


Current Families, Here's a chance you don't want to miss! You can support Nia House by investing and earning interest on your family deposit through our Direct Public Offering options. 

Direct Public Offering, (DPO), also known as investment crowdfunding, is an opportunity for the school to raise money from the community, similar to a bank loan, but without the usual high fees.  The DPO model allows Nia House to diverge from the conventional bank loan model, reaching out for funding to all community stakeholders, and redefine our local economy in a TRULY local way!

DPO will allow community members who care about Nia House (like you) to invest in our future and realize an economic return on your investments. For parents with children currently attending the school, the annual interest return on this investment could help to offset current tuition costs as well

Below are charts to help you guide you. Check out our DPO Investment page to get your questions answered.

These securities are offered only to California residents who meet certain suitability standards and other requirements pursuant to the Department of Business Oversight permit #  1321. THE COMMISSIONER OF BUSINESS OVERSIGHT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DOES NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE THE PURCHASE OF THESE SECURITIES.