Do you have any current openings?

At Nia House, we have ongoing enrollment throughout the year. Each opening is different in order to fill our school needs based on the child's age and family income. Please add your child to the Waiting List and we will contact you if you match the school's enrollment needs.

We are currently fully enrolled through 2018. Please join our waiting list for the chance that an opening becomes available.  

How do I get on the waiting list?

Easy! Click the link below. As soon as an opening presents itself, we will call you. Enrollment for the fall preschool program starts in early spring. Enrollment for the toddler program is year round. 

Can we tour the school?

You are welcome to tour the school once there is a potential opening for your child. We will contact you when this is a possibility.

What is your schedule? Can my child attend part time? 

We want to provide care for families who need our program. For this reason, we do not offer part-time care. Nia House's schedule was designed to meet the needs of working families. That's why we are a year-round and full-day program. Drop-off time is from 7:30am-9:30am for preschoolers and 8am-9:30am for toddlers. Children can be picked up anytime after 3:30pm. The preschool program ends at 5:45pm and the toddler program ends at 5:30pm. 

Nia House wants families to spend time together. Naturally, children will miss a day or get picked up early here and there to spend time with family. We certainly support that.

What is your tuition rate? How do I know if  our family is eligible for a scholarship?

Nia House offers a sliding scale of tuition based on family income. If you intend to apply for a scholarship, please include your family size and gross family income (before taxes) in the form provided for the Waiting List (click the "Waiting List" button at top of this page).

Tuition for incoming preschool children in the 2017-2018 school year is $1,691 per month with a full year contract.

Tuition for incoming toddler children in the 2017-2018 school year is $1,891 per month with a full year contract.

As a reminder, we offer a year-round, full-day program.

What is your food policy?

Nia House promotes healthful eating. Therefore, we have a strict food policy: no sugar, no salt and no nuts (we have students with severe allergies). A healthful lunch includes a protein (often dinner leftovers or a sandwich), fruit, and vegetables. Often, families send multiple proteins options for sustenance through the long and active school day.

Nia House provides a morning and afternoon snack of a seasonal organic fruit or vegetable and bread with cheese or hummus. Every Friday, the children cook. Our cooking often includes greens harvested from our garden. We also cook nutritious treats including muffins, cakes, and cookies.