Meet Nia House’s Board of Directors Community Representative:

Marites Abueg.

Thank you to all the Nia House families for casting your vote for Marites! We are lucky to have her on our Board.

 Marites (mary-tess) Abueg is the proud parent of two Nia House alumnae, currently 15 and 18 year old high school students. During her 7 years as a Nia house parent, her NH experiences included fundraising, design and sourcing of playground equipment, website work, and event planning. 

After Nia House, Marites spent 6 years as a member of the Board of Trustees at The Berkeley School, where she was chair of the Site (Facilities) Committee, and led many campus projects including a commercial kitchen remodel, outdoor classroom design, classroom upgrades, and an in-depth, campus-wide, Facilities Needs Assessment . During her board tenure, she participated in two separate strategic planning processes as well as diversity/inclusion trainings. Her service on TBS's board will greatly impact her ability to help NH meet some of the upcoming strategic goals of operations and communications. 

Professionally, Marites is an owner and principal of Studio KDA, a 24 person, West Berkeley-based architecture and interiors firm. She has owned her own business, with her husband and partner Keith, for over 18 years.