Saturday, September 23rd, 5-8pm

Celebrating Since 1974

Parents' Night Out & Auction


945 San Pablo Ave, Albany

945 San Pablo Ave, Albany

The Event:

Parents’ Night Out: Celebrating Since 1974 is inspired by Nia House's inception in 1974 through the vision of our founder, Tia Waller-Pryde.

This very fun event is our school's largest fundraiser and an opportunity to spend an evening together outside in the garden at Sam’s Log Cabin, to party, build our community, and to support the values of our school.  Come to enjoy eclectic auction items, art made by the children, music from the 1970s,  delicious food, and libations with friends old and new!

The auction is the perfect way to help Nia House raise money to subsidize tuition and finance ongoing teacher training.  More than 40% of all Nia House students benefit from our scholarship program.  We all value the many benefits of our diverse community and know that maintaining our school's vision is possible with everyone’s support.

Ticket Information & Event Sponsorship:

Tickets are available for a suggested donation of $50 (sliding scale ticket donation option available). 

RSVP to Since 1974

Ticket sales are a significant source of funds raised at this event.  Please help make this event accessible to everyone in our community by making an additional donation to subsidize tickets for others.  Thank you all for giving as generously as you can.  

Become an Auction Bidder! Register with Handbid: 

This year, Nia House's Auction is going mobile/online with Handbid- an auction platform which allows you to bid from your smart phone, Ipad, and computer. If you have an iPhone or Android, you can download the Handbid app from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.  

In order to bid on mobile items or at the event, you must first register with Handbid. 

Bidding will begin on Wednesday, September 13th at 5pm. 

*The mobile auction represents only some of our auction items. Plan on coming to the event for access to exclusive and amazing items!

Community Donations: 

Throw a cocktail party, offer a massage, lend your vacation home... click the button below to learn more.