Thank you for your interest in supporting Nia House.

Your gift goes directly to strengthening our community by supporting current families' accessibility to quality early childhood education.

  • Scholarships.  We want to make sure we serve all families; 40% of our families receive scholarships.
  • Capital. We are consistently making renovations to ensure the safety, functionality, and aesthetic beauty of our school grounds.
  • Staff Development. Nia House is committed not only to growth and development of our children, but also to our staff. Our staff enroll in ongoing Montessori training, courses, and workshops that continue to enhance our work as educators and community workers. 

There are 5 simple ways you can support Nia House:

1. You can donate here! 

We value donations of all amounts. Click the button below to make ongoing or a one time donation to Nia House. 


2.  Write a check

Please make checks payable to Nia House Learning Center.  If you would like to make a monthly contribution with checks, you can pre-date monthly checks and we’ll deposit accordingly.

3. Scrip

With eScrip, you register your Safeway Club Card, debit and credit cards when you make a purchase with the cards or with their online stores, eScrip gives back to Nia House. 

Nia House's group ID number is 9298389

4. Berkeley Bowl Scrip

Berkeley Bowl Scrip cards are available for you to purchase. The cards function just like a gift card. Scrip cards are available for $100 per card. 

For every $100 gift card you buy, Nia House makes $4.

  • To order your cards, email and let us know how many $100 cards you'd like to purchase
  • Pay by check to Nia House for the full value of the cards you've ordered and note Berkeley Bowl on the check. Put checks in the Nia House mailbox, mail them in, or do a bill pay from your bank.
  • The Berkeley Bowl Scrip cards will available in your parent cubby within a few days of your order.

5. Amazon Smile

With Amazon’s smile program, 0.5% of your purchases are donated to Nia House!  Just click the link and type in “Nia House Learning Center,” and Amazon takes care of the rest.